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Since an early age, Pepe develops as an illustrator and visual artist, capturing his art on any material and with the tools that are within his reach.

By a sudden series of unfortunate events, our artist ends up studying in a semi-military catholic school that ends up with his creativity and absolutely limits his extravagant persona and therefore his passion for art.

Pepe escapes abroad where he chooses the communication career, which he leaves after a few semesters, to then return to Mexico to enter the world of textile design.

Not satisfied with traditional teaching methods, the hypocrisy of his college and the creative block imposed by his teachers, he decides to leave and experiment in the new and luxurious world of leather. This new and malleable material is perfect to convey what Pepe always wanted for the world:

Pepe focuses all his creativity, anxiety and hyperactivity towards his new project, BUNCH OF FOOLS, where he meets and revives the dream that always existed, a place where luxury, rock n ‘roll and art coexist.

On October 13, 2016 BUNCH OF FOOLS opens its doors to the public to create pieces as unique as the people who will use them. Creating only one piece of each design. Pepe gives exclusivity and personalized attention to each client who will immediately become a friend of the house.

Our high quality, attention and shopping experience characterizes and positions us as the greatest creators and exponents of unique and custom-made leather jackets in Mexico.